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By Palumbo | November 5, 2008

My racist friends, those of whom I can count on 1/2 my hand, are miserable and scared.  They insist that now “those people” will think they are hot shit, and really have attitude.  I present this concept.  What if “those people” now no longer have anyone to blame for their plight?  What if “those people” look around and no longer can find THE MAN standing over them in an attempt to keep them down? What if the new pervasive attitude is that we are in fact one America, without prejudice and hatred for our fellow man just because he is a different shade.  If black America can stop for a second and recognize that black, white, yellow, and red America have united for what we believe is the common good, and have done that without consideration of race, they will truly be awakened.  President Obama has set the tone in diametric conflict with the angry, violent, resentful gang bangers and social anarchists.  He is presenting a model based on the colorblind theory that anyone can thrive here if they step up and work hard.  There will always, at least in my lifetime, be a caste system where privilege rises and avoids the obstacles most of us commoners have to hurtle. Obama did not eliminate that ugly little universal tic. But he did do away with the idea that failure to succeed is based on an accident of birth. And he did, in my deepest hope manage to kill “the man.”

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If Only It Were So

By LK | October 31, 2008


as usual, Palumbo’s wonderfully written and fun to read post reveals a cavalier attitude that doesn’t take into account how the barren wallet/pocketbook provides the fuel for the fire of anarchy.  can’t lie down on a couch that’s being carried out by the repossession crew .  can’t watch a big screen TV that’s nothing more than a dustless outline on a dusty floor.  complacency takes a hike when one is feeding cat food to one’s children.

and anarchy, which has already begun in the form of rising petty crime, rising internet/identity hijackings, rising muggings, and rising guns sales, is, in the world of wall street, a screaming buy.

forewarned is forearmed.

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The Anarchy of Nothing

By Palumbo | October 31, 2008


I am humored by all the chatter about there being an uprising after this election.  Let’s think.  We did not uprise during Nixon.  We did not uprise during Reagan (Contra). We did not even uprise during Bush!  My guess, based on my mini-longitudinal study is that there aint gonna be no uprise!!!  Nope.  The election ends approximatly November 5…give or take a few weeks for Supreme Court intervention.  That leaves us with the doldrums of the Trilogy of Darkness (Thanksgiving, Xmas, NYE), no good sports to speak of, and - for many - no MONEY!  Nope, my fellow chicken littles…the only thing falling will be our collective asses back on the couch, fondling our brand new guns purchased for the REVOLUTION as we root for the new American Idol.  And thank god for it! Here in Disneyworld, we love our numb.

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Truly Important Shameless Self Promotion

By LK | October 9, 2008

If our publicist can be trusted, this coming Tuesday (October 14th) our first single, “Press 1 For English” is going to be the AOL/Spinner MP3 of the day.

We hear that means 2 million hits, minimum.  That’s more than Pete Rose and Ty Cobb combined!!! And Rose was a compulsive gambler and Cobb was a mean spirited racist!!!  We’re neither of those things!!!

So go to AOL/Spinner on Tuesday and hit us.  Like our parents did!

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Perpetual Shameless Self-Promotion

By LK | October 2, 2008 recently called Made In China “the sound of … disillusionment channeled into humorous social commentary.” Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”

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The Sky Fell, Nobody Believed It

By Palumbo | September 26, 2008


HAHAHAHAHHA! SO, GWB and his Criminal Conies thought they pulled off the biggest oil-grabbing-occupy-a-soveriegn nation coup since  Adolf ripped into Poland, only to find that one big lie can usurp credibility if people pay attention!  No one, not even the wingers, not even the evangelicals who think the world started in 1967, not even the translucent, libido-free  Perino is buying GW’s rave out about the economy! Meantime, the Wall Steet gangsters are screaming…”It’s twwue, Honest…Please believe us!!!!”  And here we are.  Stuck in a cave with one guy hoolding a broken flashlight, and a whole team of people standing around like the Verizon network mummies waiting for bars.  I personally would love to have the First Lady’s vodka and Marlboro concession. “Relax ,George…pass me the bottle, hunny bun.”

Is it funny? Well, in a word…YES! We.. not me specifically, but the consummate WE voted this buffoon in T W I C E!  So, good for you! You are getting what you deserve! THIS TIME PAY ATTENTION! If you have the slightest inclination to vote Mr. McCain and his yak of a VP into office, just go to your bank and try to withdrawl twenty bucks! (If you can pull it off, go to ITUNES and buy the MADE IN CHINA music!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

GOod LuCkkkk, eVeryBOdy!

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Passports and Prayers

By LK | September 26, 2008


The records’s on iTunes.  The records’s on iTunes.  The records’s on iTunes.  The records’s on iTunes.

I am one crackerjack marketer.

And now, to get under Palumbo’s skin (see “I’ve Been Provoked”):

McCain has now squandered the good will that has, up until now, been extended to him by members of both parties in deference to the strength of character he displayed while enduring his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.

His last gasp attempt to revive his campaign, at the expense of tens of millions of Americans, whose jobs and ways of life are being put in jeopardy by McCain injecting his economically challenged self into a process that was grinding its way towards resolution, is shameless.

He’s reduced himself from war hero and maverick to just another politician.  Quite the fall from grace.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, in her interview with Katie Couric, reveals herself to be a well put together, losing contestant in “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”.

Choosing her to be his vice-presidential nominee, one senile heartbeat away from the presidency, is a display of McCain’s frighteningly poor executive decision making.  One can only hope that, should he be elected, he won’t be able to remember the activation codes for the nukes.

No doubt Karl Rove still has a number of tricks up his sleeve.  At this point, a nation that buys into Rasputin’s dark magic deserves the even darker fate they’ve been sold.

If the voters haven’t wised up, after 8 years of witnessing and suffering from the decimation of the American dream brought on by Rove and crew (including Bush, who was the kid who’d run out to get the gang beer and smokes before they made him President), we’re in a sorry state that may well require passports and prayers.

Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”

Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”

Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”

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Shameless Self-Promotion Redux

By LK | September 24, 2008

shameless-self-promotion-redux recently called Made In China “the sound of … disillusionment channeled into humorous social commentary.” Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”

A marketing type I know suggested I keep reposting the above from time to time.  I’ve got an expensive degree in thinking about thinking, so I figure taking his advice was better than keeping my own council.

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The Answer

By Palumbo | September 19, 2008

OK…here it is, the answer to our financial butt kicking.  Pay attention.

ISOLATE!  Completely cut off from the rest of the world.  Print up tons of money that only has value here in the US - because - well, we are isolated!  Then, build stores, plants, refineries, steel mills, and manufacture EVERYTHING here.  We become, for as many years as it takes, completely self sufficient;  an in-house country, if you will.  Everything we purchase is from of our own making. 

The down side is the loss of Walmarts and other “cheap” joints.  The up side is we run our own sand box.  All the bullies and pig-people, i.e. Trump, Sam, et al  have to do their deeds here, or they gotta go  play someplace else. 

This is revolution.  No fists in the air, no coup, no kids getting whacked for protesting…just plain old starting from scratch.  Of course, the government will have to be upended, cause all those guys and gals have their hands so deeply sunk in foreign pockets, there are hard-ons abound abroad!  (scratch the no coup part).  Otherwise, I am right on the money with this one.  In fact, you may want to print this up and save it for your kids to read 15 years from now when we are The United States of China.

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Vote For Made In China on URB!

By MadeInChina | September 18, 2008 recently called Made In China “the sound of … disillusionment channeled into humorous social commentary.” Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”

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