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The Case for De-Globilization

By Palumbo | August 22, 2008


Let’s say that god or an alien or a huge gorilla created the world. Let’s - for simplicity sake - call him Craig.

Craig went “POOF” and all this wonderful stuff was made. Trees, grass, rain, the Corvette L5, and so on. Craig then determined to make animate stuff, so he worked up a species or two. Bored at watching all things bent over try to make their way around the trees and Corvettes, Craig made upright humans. For the sake of variety, he seeded them in all different parts of his world, and adapted them to exist in their appointed areas. Where it was always hot and sunny, he made the uprights dark skinned and leathery, so as not to sizzle themselves. Where it was cloudy and wet, he made them translucent looking with bad teeth, and so on.

One day, some people said, “We should all try to live together.” Well, from a strict -neo-fundamentalist-humanist veiwpoint, this presented as a wonderful Hallmark - Norman Rockwellian idea! Craig, meanwhile thought… “Whoa, are you guys nuts?” Then, he settled back to watch the fireworks.

Tribes had formed, and they were just happy as little flowers living and working and sexing up one another within their own clans. The idealists, meanwhile, determined that the best way to unite everything and everyone was to FORCE them into adhereing to a singular ideology. Initially, they figured that by using god - a philosophically confusing and unprovable concept - they would render the other cultures into numbed submission. The idealists created religion. Craig cracked up, as he watched the slaughters, wars, rapes and genocide - all in his name - take place. The dark ones were taken to white places. The white ones slid into dark places, and on and on it went. The uprights moved around attempting to mumble in tongues so foreign to them that it was only a matter of time before the misinterpretations were… well, misinterpreted.

The result is now. Uprights, stumbling into one another, filled with hatered and resentment, confusion and anger, hostility and, of course, the belief that each one is RIGHT.

Which brings us to - what is listed herein as crass self promotion - “PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH.” It is MIC’s Noam Chomsky islolationist question clothed in jumpy- pop- radio- friendly garb . “How do you know the Mexicans…How do you know the Texicans…(sic) may not end up just killing off each other?”



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