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Ticket’s Upside Down?

By LK | August 24, 2008


Watching and listening to Joe Biden speak following Obama’s Freudian slip introduction of him (”the next president….vice-president of the United States”) I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking that a Biden/Obama ticket might have an easier time defeating McCain than the ticket as it’s been constructed.

It would have provided a degree of change the country, in its current state of frightened inertia, would have found more comfortable than the more radical and perhaps necessary degree of change that’s being offered.

What’s done is done.  Perhaps some of Biden’s experience, cold warrior strength, and blue collar appeal will make its way into Obama’s  presentation and psyche, and McCain can be more effectively countered when push inevitably comes to shove, and Obama simply talking the talk won’t get the job done.

More importantly, the new MADE IN CHINA album (Sonic Blog v1.0) comes out this coming Tuesday on iTunes.  As the disclaimer notes: “The new Made In China album contains anarchistic language and viewpoints that may not be suitable for blockheads.”  But not to worry, if you were a blockhead you wouldn’t be reading this now.

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