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If I Ran Obama’s Campaign

By LK | September 17, 2008


note:  the album is out on iTunes.  buy it and write a great review.  thank you.

another note: i’m posting the following in part to provoke Palumbo to get off his brilliant posterior and post something.  i understand that his response will be arriving shortly.

Democrats have been ineffective in their attempts to link John McCain with Dubya.  Bush has faded from the scene like someone in the process of being transported in a Star Trek episode, gradually dissipating in front of our very eyes. Houdini couldn’t have pulled off a defter trick.

Job 1 is to retrieve him; make him solid. Attack him mercilessly for the 8 years of economic failure, foreign and domestic policy failure, Katrina failure, and the undeniable fact that if someone had the proactive intention of causing the decline of the American brand and experience, they couldn’t have gotten the ball rolling better than Bush and his cronies did.

Bring him back on stage. If he’s not front and center, you can’t link McCain with him, because he’s simply not there to be linked to. Also, don’t waste your breathe attacking McCain as being a Bush clone until this has happened.

And don’t worry about wasting 3 or 4 days of leaving McCain alone. If Palin can be a round the clock target/distraction, the time spent on Bush will at least be well spent. Let’s look at it as necessary prep time.

Then, and only then, can Bush and McCain become the McBush that seemed, until recently, destined to go down in flames in a November bonfire.

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