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The Answer

By Palumbo | September 19, 2008

OK…here it is, the answer to our financial butt kicking.  Pay attention.

ISOLATE!  Completely cut off from the rest of the world.  Print up tons of money that only has value here in the US - because - well, we are isolated!  Then, build stores, plants, refineries, steel mills, and manufacture EVERYTHING here.  We become, for as many years as it takes, completely self sufficient;  an in-house country, if you will.  Everything we purchase is from of our own making. 

The down side is the loss of Walmarts and other “cheap” joints.  The up side is we run our own sand box.  All the bullies and pig-people, i.e. Trump, Sam, et al  have to do their deeds here, or they gotta go  play someplace else. 

This is revolution.  No fists in the air, no coup, no kids getting whacked for protesting…just plain old starting from scratch.  Of course, the government will have to be upended, cause all those guys and gals have their hands so deeply sunk in foreign pockets, there are hard-ons abound abroad!  (scratch the no coup part).  Otherwise, I am right on the money with this one.  In fact, you may want to print this up and save it for your kids to read 15 years from now when we are The United States of China.

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