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The Sky Fell, Nobody Believed It

By Palumbo | September 26, 2008


HAHAHAHAHHA! SO, GWB and his Criminal Conies thought they pulled off the biggest oil-grabbing-occupy-a-soveriegn nation coup since  Adolf ripped into Poland, only to find that one big lie can usurp credibility if people pay attention!  No one, not even the wingers, not even the evangelicals who think the world started in 1967, not even the translucent, libido-free  Perino is buying GW’s rave out about the economy! Meantime, the Wall Steet gangsters are screaming…”It’s twwue, Honest…Please believe us!!!!”  And here we are.  Stuck in a cave with one guy hoolding a broken flashlight, and a whole team of people standing around like the Verizon network mummies waiting for bars.  I personally would love to have the First Lady’s vodka and Marlboro concession. “Relax ,George…pass me the bottle, hunny bun.”

Is it funny? Well, in a word…YES! We.. not me specifically, but the consummate WE voted this buffoon in T W I C E!  So, good for you! You are getting what you deserve! THIS TIME PAY ATTENTION! If you have the slightest inclination to vote Mr. McCain and his yak of a VP into office, just go to your bank and try to withdrawl twenty bucks! (If you can pull it off, go to ITUNES and buy the MADE IN CHINA music!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

GOod LuCkkkk, eVeryBOdy!

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27 Responses to “The Sky Fell, Nobody Believed It”

  1. Dennis Kristos Says:
    September 27th, 2008 at 7:57 am

    I can’t and won’t add anything more to that JP. It said everything that needed to be said.

    I’ve been following the election south of the 49th parallel since it’s infinitely more interesting than the one here north of the 49th parallel. FYI, we Canadians are heading to the polls the 14th of October. We’ve got wooden sweaters (and hair) plus platitudes in spades from incumbent PM (”W”’s bum-boy), Steven Harper. And, we’ve got hipocracy and stupidity on an epic scale (not to mention lip service to the environment) on just about every other issue spouting from Stephane Dion.

    Since like the US it’s basically a two party system here and the NDP, the third major party, who have the best platform and progressive answers for our ills here, will never form a government. Old habts die hard… Rock, meet hard place.

  2. Marky Says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 9:25 am

    As much as I agree with JP’s commentary (this time anyway LOL), I STILL have a problem voting for Obama. Sure he’s better than McCain…a vinegar-soaked catheter is better than McCain. BUT, Obama still looks to be quite green and Carter-like in his simplicity. Its a complex word and the Big O did not impress me with his debating skills or his understanding of the issues. He is sounding more and more like a politician everyday

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