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Ok…these two guys, they’re disgusted with everything except their families and sex. So, after they sniffed one another out, one said, “We should make a record so one of us doesn’t end up a sniper in a McDonald’s.” The other one said, “Yeah, OK, but I’m not leaving my house.” Anyway, Palumbo and LK - the guys in question - decided that “Palumbo and LK” sounded like some bogus tree hugging folk duo (which, of course they also hate). One of them said, “Everything is made in China…if I didn’t know better, I would think my kids were manufactured there.” The other, more detail oriented one, said, “No, not the parts of your kids, lots of their parts are made here in the US, but maybe your kids were ASSEMBLED in China.” Then they said, whatever… let’s call our band MADE IN CHINA. So, please don’t ask either one of them about that ever again.

LK, an anal retentive obsessive compulsive, went to Columbia. The school, not the country, which is spelled differently anyway. He graduated and then bagged it before becoming a lawyer, cause who wants all that money and power? Instead, he went into music. “Idiot,” said dad. “Don’t be a fool,” said mom. LK produced and mixed, cause that made him BOSS, and he lovessssssss being BOSS. He worked on the Chili Peppers, played with Herbie Hancock, and lots of other stuff the world thinks is even more important that he doesn’t want to talk about right now.

Palumbo, a Zen Buddhist head-in-the-clouds loon who thinks life is to be taken on a moment by moment basis, went to school, quit, and went into music. “Idiot,” said dad. “Don’t be a fool,” said mom. Palumbo¬†formed this band¬†called Crack The Sky and they did okay, until he saw that they were on the verge of breaking big, then he bagged that, cause… yep, same thing… money and power! He went back to school so mom and dad would put him back in their will, and actually became a doctor of psychology. Then, he met LK. The meeting went something like this:

LK: I would like to produce you.
Palumbo: Sure.
LK: Can I be boss?
Palumbo: Sure.

LK bossed Palumbo around and made this record called Citizen X. One day, while Palumbo was searching the Jenna Jameson websites down in the studio, LK was piddling on the piano. Palumbo listened and said, “Whoa, hey you write that?” LK, wonderful at being boss, but a little rusty when it came to his own stuff, said…”well…” Palumbo became uncharacteristically overbearing and begged LK to show him his songs. Like a kid who just got caught - well, looking at Jenna - LK reluctantly showed some songs to Palumbo.

Palumbo: This is really good stuff.
LK: It’s…
Palumbo: No, it’s better than good… I can make it better, but it’s really good.
LK: Can I be boss?

The result is MADE IN CHINA, Sonic Blog V.1 The songs are the thing.