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Kip Kouri
(212) 226-3792

The Band: Made In China
The Album: Sonic Blog v1.0

Out November 18th On Recordburger Records

For Press Inquires Please Contact

Review on

“…Definitely shocking and different….to say the very least. So this one goes out to all my brothers in arms who scoff at capitalist American society! Yeah, you already digging this aren’t you well go ahead metal master and get out your anarchy burger from the fridge put on some porn (mute it) and bob your head to Made In China and maybe every once in awhile flip the bird to that camera they have hidden in your house…. To all my most metal of friends, you know who you are, listen in and keep looking back for some more teeth gnashing goodness soon, and remember keep on rocking in the not so free world brother (sister)!”

AOL Spinner Premieres Made In China’s “How Everything Works” MP3 Of The Day

Check out the article and download the song for free!

Vote For Made In China on URB! recently called Made In China “the sound of … disillusionment channeled into humorous social commentary.” Make sure you vote for Made In China on URB’s “Next 1000.”