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Tony The K and MNF

By Palumbo | September 17, 2008


I just read that Tony Kornheiser was spanked for saying something un-pc during the Monday Night NFL game.  What he said was - as we were being treated to the Latino announcers snippet after a (gasp) Dallas return for a touchdown - “I took high school Spanish. He either said, they are not gonna catch me, or my laundry is ready.”  Okay.  If the Dallas guy was Asian, I would probably have to say, “Well Tony, that aint right.”  Funny, but not prime time fodder.  What is most irritating about this is that once again, we are being force fed globilization - even during a friggin football game! I don’t WANT to hear the Spanish equivalent to John Madden!!!!!! I don’t WANT to be choked on the fact that Latino’s are watching football.  I don’t want to see an NFL commercial in friggin Spanish!!!!!!!!! Show me a cheerleader long shot, a tribute to Jim Brown, even the Punt, Pass, and Kick contest.  Stop it! We are NOT MEANT TO CO-MINGLE IN GLORIOUS HARMONY!!!! This globilization crap is promoting hate.  American Express has a commercial showing some Germans snickering at an American cause he lays down a credit card with a picture of The Flash.  SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  They don’t get it.  And they SHOULDN’T! As a white American in Jamaica, I freaked the first time I saw traffic cops holding machine guns!  I didn’t get it, and I shouldn’t have to!!!!!! Cultures are unique.  Beautiful in our variety, and wonderous in our differences. Yet, some crew of morons has decided that it’s not enough to get along in an humanistic, peaceful way… but we need to be one big world family! NO NO and NO! Michael Jackson promoted that, and we know where that little weasle perv ended up! You want to We-Are-The-World???… go build houses in New Orleans. Go work the Special Olympics.  Go into DC and feed all the rows of people living in boxes right along the MAll.

AS for Tony K, you can make a pizza, spaghetti bender, mafia, silk suit, greaseball reference to this Italian, and I will laugh with you.  (Although, I prefer Madden and Michaels!)

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I Been Provoked!!

By Palumbo | September 17, 2008


I am compelled to write as LK, once again, succeeds as a provocateur.

Palumbo has (I’m referring to myself with the Papal Palumbo) - up to the point of the Palin snag - been Pink Floydianly comfortably numb regarding this election. Watching the TV news, as Palumbo has not read a newspaper since 1999, I snickered, crackled, snorted, until I realized…HEY, THEY ARE SERIOUS WITH THIS WOMAN! Albeit, brilliant in political maneuvering, this gaff made it crystal clear that Sen. McCain has nothing more (or less) on his mind than winning. We are not winning. We are losing. Everything. Any semi-half-thinking human who determines that more of the same is a good idea must - as LK put it - expose President Bush. DO NOT let him escape like Rumsfeld, et al. These guys are criminals, who have most certainly kicked the down the walls of security my country lavished in with their greed and immunity. The logic is simple. I don’t know Obama, I do know Sen. McCain. Consider this as a well traveled highway vs the alternative route. We KNOW the highway is crowded, provides for us to sit in traffic for hours on end, and provokes the occasional road rage. Still, there we sit, simply out of habit. “If I take the highway, I don’t have to THINK.” As a people who take pride in what our “Greatest Generation” accomplished by their willingness to take the alternate route, we have no choice! The Falcon’s tip to Obama’s crew…STAY ON MESSAGE. Speak to the people, not at them. Exchange race, gender, and divisive politicing for practical and CLEAR delivery of your ideology. Close your eyes and pretend, no matter where you are speaking, that you are in small town Kentucky or WVA. These are the PEOPLE. These are the broken backs, the Hamburger Helper dinners, the American Americans who will survive or fail with the flick of a Beltway finger. THAT, Sen. OB, is your focus, not some Yak from Alaska.

Oh yeah, Lk told me to remind you that the album’s available on iTunes.

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If I Ran Obama’s Campaign

By LK | September 17, 2008


note:  the album is out on iTunes.  buy it and write a great review.  thank you.

another note: i’m posting the following in part to provoke Palumbo to get off his brilliant posterior and post something.  i understand that his response will be arriving shortly.

Democrats have been ineffective in their attempts to link John McCain with Dubya.  Bush has faded from the scene like someone in the process of being transported in a Star Trek episode, gradually dissipating in front of our very eyes. Houdini couldn’t have pulled off a defter trick.

Job 1 is to retrieve him; make him solid. Attack him mercilessly for the 8 years of economic failure, foreign and domestic policy failure, Katrina failure, and the undeniable fact that if someone had the proactive intention of causing the decline of the American brand and experience, they couldn’t have gotten the ball rolling better than Bush and his cronies did.

Bring him back on stage. If he’s not front and center, you can’t link McCain with him, because he’s simply not there to be linked to. Also, don’t waste your breathe attacking McCain as being a Bush clone until this has happened.

And don’t worry about wasting 3 or 4 days of leaving McCain alone. If Palin can be a round the clock target/distraction, the time spent on Bush will at least be well spent. Let’s look at it as necessary prep time.

Then, and only then, can Bush and McCain become the McBush that seemed, until recently, destined to go down in flames in a November bonfire.

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I Live To Provoke

By LK | September 8, 2008


and the wisdom buried within the rant below justifies the provocation.

here’s another provocation:  go to iTunes.  buy Made In China album.  leave wonderful comment.  you are getting sleepy…..

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By Palumbo | September 8, 2008



My thinking is that since my friend and partner (musical, that is) is so intent on blackening our MUSIC SITE with pro- O rhetoric, he must be reaching out to the sshhhmart crowd!  Stop IT… RIGHT NOW!  Shhhmart people don’t do anything but bitch and complain.  Shhhmart people either have lots of money or think they are way too shhhmart to have any money.  Most importantly, shhmart people stopped buying music the day after Cat Stevens went islam.

We want mopes! Mopes are fun.  Mopes understand that nothing we-the-people say or do makes a shit of a difference.  Mopes are happy to have coffee in the morning.  Mopes recognize that a good day means ya got enough to buy a pack of smokes and to make your REDTUBE.COM  monthly fee.  Mopes know we will never get along, be without war, have a fair government, and free pro sports from corruption and dope.  Mopes know that life is but a fleeting concept with time only a mere misunderstanding, teasing us into believing that  we are gonna last longer than the blink of an eye.  Yes… we want MOPES, not intellectual BMW driving, 401K holding, tax frauding, whiney, white, tennis playing, butt holes!!!!!!!!!!!




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More On the Ethical DNA, and Getting the Word Out

By LK | September 6, 2008


Yes, I know, adopted son.  But the ethical DNA is passed down through the environment of the household.

And I still haven’t heard anyone connect the bank failure announced last night, a bank where McC’s son was a former board member, with the S & L crisis of the ’80’s in which McC himself was one of the Keating 5.  McC escaped prosecution but was reprimanded.

Corruption, it seems, runs in the family, and runs through the ticket.  So does bullying and misuse of power.

Reformers my ass.

If the shoe was on the other foot Rush and Hannity would be all over this.  Olbermann, Maddow, Schultz, Hartmann, and Rhodes don’t have their kinds of numbers, and they’re all  preaching to the converted anyway.  It’s Rush and Sean that get swing listeners through their ability to entertain with their bombastic pomposity , and they’re the ones that have the ability to move the swing voters to action.  The left has serious work on their radio presence post haste and post election.

The family McBanking connection was sent to Obama policy and speech writing HQ already, although it’s hard to see how they haven’t made the connection yet.  Now someone’s got to talk about it.

And there’s no way this falls under the “family’s off limits” policy, unless the economy of the nation and the ethics of the candidates are off limits as well.

On another note, the record’s out on iTunes and favorite songs are starting to surface.  Please post a review if you’re so inclined.  LK

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Like Father, Like Son?

By LK | September 6, 2008


Just received the following in my in box:

from The Wall Street Journal

Sept. 5, 2008

Regulators shut down Silver State Bank, the latest in a series of bank failures and one that could ripple through the presidential campaign.

Until recently, the son of Republican nominee Sen. McCain sat on Silver State’s board and was a member of its three-person audit committee, which was responsible for overseeing the company’s financial condition. Andrew McCain left the Henderson, Nev., bank July 26 after five months on the board, citing “personal reasons.” He is Sen. McCain’s adopted son from his first marriage.

If you’re not familiar with Charles Keating, the Savings and Loan debacle of the mid ’80’s, and John McCain’s shady involvement in it, here’s a place to start.

Like father, like son?

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By LK | August 26, 2008


on iTunes.

of course, the one evangelical neocon working for Apple took the title “Spit In God’s Face” and shortened it to “Spit”, and took the title “Big Howdy From Iraq” and shortened that one to “Big Howdy”. and we’re listed as EXPLICIT even though there’s only one song with the word “shit” in it.

and Big Brother rocks on. buy the record. support productive anarchy.

Made In China - Sonic Blog V1.0

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Ticket’s Upside Down?

By LK | August 24, 2008


Watching and listening to Joe Biden speak following Obama’s Freudian slip introduction of him (”the next president….vice-president of the United States”) I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking that a Biden/Obama ticket might have an easier time defeating McCain than the ticket as it’s been constructed.

It would have provided a degree of change the country, in its current state of frightened inertia, would have found more comfortable than the more radical and perhaps necessary degree of change that’s being offered.

What’s done is done.  Perhaps some of Biden’s experience, cold warrior strength, and blue collar appeal will make its way into Obama’s  presentation and psyche, and McCain can be more effectively countered when push inevitably comes to shove, and Obama simply talking the talk won’t get the job done.

More importantly, the new MADE IN CHINA album (Sonic Blog v1.0) comes out this coming Tuesday on iTunes.  As the disclaimer notes: “The new Made In China album contains anarchistic language and viewpoints that may not be suitable for blockheads.”  But not to worry, if you were a blockhead you wouldn’t be reading this now.

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The Case for De-Globilization

By Palumbo | August 22, 2008


Let’s say that god or an alien or a huge gorilla created the world. Let’s - for simplicity sake - call him Craig.

Craig went “POOF” and all this wonderful stuff was made. Trees, grass, rain, the Corvette L5, and so on. Craig then determined to make animate stuff, so he worked up a species or two. Bored at watching all things bent over try to make their way around the trees and Corvettes, Craig made upright humans. For the sake of variety, he seeded them in all different parts of his world, and adapted them to exist in their appointed areas. Where it was always hot and sunny, he made the uprights dark skinned and leathery, so as not to sizzle themselves. Where it was cloudy and wet, he made them translucent looking with bad teeth, and so on.

One day, some people said, “We should all try to live together.” Well, from a strict -neo-fundamentalist-humanist veiwpoint, this presented as a wonderful Hallmark - Norman Rockwellian idea! Craig, meanwhile thought… “Whoa, are you guys nuts?” Then, he settled back to watch the fireworks.

Tribes had formed, and they were just happy as little flowers living and working and sexing up one another within their own clans. The idealists, meanwhile, determined that the best way to unite everything and everyone was to FORCE them into adhereing to a singular ideology. Initially, they figured that by using god - a philosophically confusing and unprovable concept - they would render the other cultures into numbed submission. The idealists created religion. Craig cracked up, as he watched the slaughters, wars, rapes and genocide - all in his name - take place. The dark ones were taken to white places. The white ones slid into dark places, and on and on it went. The uprights moved around attempting to mumble in tongues so foreign to them that it was only a matter of time before the misinterpretations were… well, misinterpreted.

The result is now. Uprights, stumbling into one another, filled with hatered and resentment, confusion and anger, hostility and, of course, the belief that each one is RIGHT.

Which brings us to - what is listed herein as crass self promotion - “PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH.” It is MIC’s Noam Chomsky islolationist question clothed in jumpy- pop- radio- friendly garb . “How do you know the Mexicans…How do you know the Texicans…(sic) may not end up just killing off each other?”



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